"A woman acting alone is fierce. A group of women working together is a force."

Source unknown.

We are a Movement of women creating community from within our homes through the power of Sisterhood.

Dedicated Hosts around the country open their homes, cook and facilitate women’s circles for deeper connection and conversation

Sister Suppers is a place to connect, create, collaborate and celebrate. We stand for women inspiring women, women supporting women and women igniting women.

Across the globe we form bonds in the sacred space of women’s homes where we can share our truest hearts, our deepest desires and connect far beyond the words of ‘So what do you do?’

You're yearning for a greater sense of connection. Sisterhood may not be the first word that comes to mind but deep down it feels like home. An open heart, a listening ear, a warm smile.

As a soulful woman you know the strength you find with your girlfriends.

Our Sister Suppers open the doors to being nourished inside and out. Eat, drink, connect - new friends, new ideas, new business.


I lead with a loving heart.
I am committed to conscious conversations.
I believe in collaboration over competition.
I remember that everyone is my sister no matter how different she is to me.
I remove gossip from my conversations and remind others to do so.
I embrace that I have incredible wisdom to share and to receive.
I choose an open mind over passing judgement.
I remember to be ME in every way.
I choose Sisterhood.

I take this Pledge.