It’s Your Time...

Sister, you’ve been conditioned to dim your light. Even if you’re the most outgoing woman in the room, there’s still a part of you that’s hiding. 

Often, you only show your radiance in the safety of others. 

To dare to ‘brag’ would only happen when you know you won’t be judged or worse still, criticized.

Unfortunately you’re not alone. Years of patriarchal conditioning has women either hiding her radiance or screaming to share it! It’s your Time Sister…

What if...

Imagine walking in to a room and lighting it up with your radiance. Imagine being all that you are, leaving no room for self-doubt. Imagine you living your truth unashamedly was the cure for judgement, criticism, comparison and self-loathing for all women.

 Imagine the FREEDOM.

Brag + Gratitude = ‘Bragitude’

There is a way to step in to knowing your true radiance. I won’t promise a magic wand that washes centuries of patriarchal conditioning away, but I will promise a tool that will significantly change the way you view who you are.

When we’re surrounded by powerful, authentic, loving women we can feel a sense of liberation and connection that feels like coming home.

When you share your radiance in sisterhood, the freedom to own your unique power is unstoppable.

And when you Brag unashamedly about who you are and what you’re creating in your life you powerfully step in to a sense of Gratitude that can be life changing.

 Magic happens, including and not limited to these 3 things: 

  1.   You feel AMAZING more consistently.
  2.   You manifest more things to celebrate.
  3.   You add to the collective energy of women rising to their greatness.

Ah Hello! You’re Amazing...

Join your fellow Sisters for this special 21 Day BRAGITUDE Practice of declaring your awesomeness! For 21 Days you will build the habit of ‘BRAGITUDES’ with a community of powerful women.

This Free challenge will remind you how F*cking amazing you are, it will set you free from the constraints of shouldn’t’s and couldn’t’s and help you own EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE.
Join the 21 Day Free Challenge
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What have You got to lose?

You’ve been around the block enough to know that practicing Gratitude can be a powerful tool. You may also be pretty dang good at Bragging too. Wherever you are on your journey practicing ‘BRAGITUDES’ in the presence of sisterhood will undoubtedly take you to new levels of creating more amazing things to brag about and to be grateful for. I mean, what have you got to lose really?

You’ve Got this...

Sister, this 21 Day Practice will not take up much of your time. In fact, to gain the magical benefits of this Free challenge you only need 5 minutes (or even less) a day to devote to it. If you really want to reap the rewards then 10 will do it.

Even if you’re a Queen at practising Gratitudes and you’re a Goddess at bragging, honestly you can never do this enough. The more you do it the more you live the life you desire. Also, why not be the example for your fellow sisters!

And - if you’re shy - YAY, even better reason to do it. You’ll be in the sanctuary of your sisters and however you show up will be perfect - I promise.

A Magical Tool...

Throughout this unique 21 Day Practice you’ll learn how to become an exquisite BRAGITUDE Goddess. It won’t be long before you reap the benefits (and magic) of this incredible tool.

Each day you will receive guidance from me on how to really hone your BRAGITUDE skills. I’ll be right there with you, and of course your fellow community of sisters who will be riding the high of all that will unfold.

You’ll share your BRAGITUDES and you’ll share in the potency of witnessing other women share theirs.

You uncover new desires, your innate power and remember your truth in ways you may never have experienced before.

I know all of this was true for me!

Join Your Sisters

Join the 21 Day Free Challenge

Click the button to register and start the challenge:

I’m with You...

We Start August 7th

To reap the benefits for this 21 Day Practice I encourage you to dedicate 5-10 minutes every day.

I’ll be giving away fun prizes for the most delicious BRAGITUDES throughout the 21 days!

To Your Radiance!